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I have now gone through the niche annihilation method book and there are some interesting things in the book, I have yet to see the 50+ videos but will report back when I have, Steady income secrets is very interesting and the thought of building membership sites is appealing to me, I know there is money to be made from these and have in the past considered them, this is a very thorough blueprint from start to finish on how to build and market them successfully, I was impressed, this is not a cheap course but if applied is well worth the money.

Smarts is covering blogs this week but not too much excitement there, my testing of social powerlinking is still strong and this at the moment is by far the best of the batch ( I say at the moment because there is a number of weeks left to run on the courses. Smarts does however offer a personal life coach as part of the course that rings once a week to help you set goals and make the best of the course, I am not yet decided on this idea yet, I always tend to hear a little voice echoing in my head ‘Percieved Value’ it wails, I have over the past week put a site to number one in google and it has stayed there the last five days, using a little of my knowledge and Jacks social powerlinking, I will end the post here for now and keep it updated as I go along, there are one or two other courses or systems I am going to try time permitting so keep looking and keep the faith.


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I will continue next week with the social powerlinking and smarts play off and also let you know about the niche annihilation book, I have been asked by a friend to mention steady income secrets by Michael Jones, this is an unusual course because unlike most it is a step by step business plan in building membership sites and although I personally have not bought this my friend has, so i took alook and went through the course and was very impressed, she is about to try it out so I will give the progress report here.

The steady income secrets by Michael Jones is a really good idea and does not promise anyone a get rich quick scheme but a steady flow income monthly from people willing and eager to pay you.

There is more information avaiable below so take a look:

Steady income secrets hub

Steady income secrets doc

Steady income secrets weebly

Ready next week as Smarts is back and just how is social powerlinking holding up. The gurus have hit my mail box once again but I see nothing fresh.

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Yesterday was the lauch of Rob Benwells Niche Annihilation Method an e-book that by all accounts is very good indeed, I purchased it about ten minutes ago but obviously have not read it yet, I will add this to the reviews we are covering and I will post what I think it can do and how good it is.

Although I am not dismissing X factor at the moment I am concentrating on a few other things, Smarts have had a week off and ready to go again and good old Jacks social powerlinking is still producing results and decent ones. We will see who is at the top a little later in the week and of course the review of the e-book.

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