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Linking and linking strategies is always a difficult process especially for newbies and now with a lot of no follow attributes it seems that the search engines like Google are trying to make it harder, one way links on target or on topic are without doubt the best, the page rank may have some bearing but a one way link on topic with no rank out weighs a handful of off topic page ranked links, reciprocalsare always contentious there are different views and testing does not give a clear answer to how much weight they carry, the question is are reciprocals any good, yes they are still links, the next thing is paid links, these are still very good for on topic referrals and if Google do not know they are paid they can not penalise the site for using them (how would they know if you paid for that link or not), however buying links can get expensive so care needs to be taken to make sure the advantages out weigh the costs, finally we look at three way links, these are where you link to a site who links to a different site who links to you, this is a good way as they show as one way links to the search engines, tracking these links can be time consuming and having to put different pieces of code in he pages to keep tracking them and making sure that the links come back needs to be done.


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A quick post well maybe while I was driving around I tested three (I tested two a friend tested one) sat nav systems to see how good they were and if I had a favourite, the first was from Halfords sat nav list it was a Tom Tom Go 510 the second I tested was a Snooper, the third came from the Argos sat nav section and was a Garmin Nuvi, it seems all three have good and bad points and at times are a little inaccurate, they had wide screens, blue-tooth and a list of applications, the mapping on all three was good as was the points of interest which were slightly different, the camera detection on the snooper was far superior to the others, the Nuvi had an MP3 and audio-book player, Jpeg picture viewer which if these are things you want then good, all three did a good job on general directions and indications my choice the Snooper, why ? because I liked the look of it, it did everything I wanted it to do and the superior camera detection, I value my licience, this does not mean the Tom Tom or Garmin are not as good it is just my personal choice.

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After a week of testing these two pieces of software I have concluded that for me at least track back software is inconsistent at best, maybe it is the niches I have been testing them in but after about a couple of thousand finds I got two yes only two links, it was not worth the time and effort I put in, I have posted on forums and to the builders to see if I am doing something wrong I will update. This week I am away for a couple of days I am really interested in trying out my Halfords Garmin Sat Nav system, I have never used one properly and am going a few hundred miles down south it will be great to see how it works and preforms.

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