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Just a note to add that Niche Annihilation Method from Rob Benwell . Everyone knows that Rob Benwell Delivers on his promise and he does big time, what he is releasing is going to do is reveal how he crushes his competition, the tips and tricks he uses to command the top postions in the search engines, this 23 year old dominates Google positioning with his methods and what can he teach us everything, this is one of hot to watch.

There is more information at Niche Annihilation Method hub.


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We are still on the right path as the month comes to a close, social powerlinking is still strong, while Smarts have taken a break, after a week of testing Article Underground looks very good and strong, the articles I have already received are good quality on random niche subjects (random ?) and the access to other blogs is welcoming to say the least, linking building and domination with Jacks social powerlinking is still giving very strong results,.

I am interested in the pre-launch of a new product from Andrew Fox it is called Affiliate X Factor and from what I gather is going to be a very good course. It has not yet launced so I can not give a review or a test of what he has to offer, because I don’t know what it is yet, I do belive however that he will teach the methods he has used to amass his fortune, and he has made a lot of money, we will see what happens but it may be worth a good look.

I also have a couple of other things I am looking at but will reveal them and my thoughts when I have checked them out.

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After a week or so of delving into the article underground from the article underground review post I have found this to be a very good system for anyone wanting to make a little money, the content and distribution system is very good and it is already showing results. This not to say that social powerlinking is not the same it is and it is also showing very good results smarts has yet to deliver anything new to me but maybe ok for the newbie. I do understand that they have to cater for everyone and as such the easy stuff comes first, we will see what the next few weeks and installments brings. I can already see the influence of certain guru’s in smarts by the process of delivery and the subjects being covered I hope it progresses quickly and soon.

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While smarts and social powerlinking is still under review a coollegue gave me this little gem to try out, it is an Article Underground Review and is very interesting, further posts will be added when I have checked it out.

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I have a friend that joined SMARTS while I tested social powerlinking and now after a couple of weeks hard testing and trials SMARTS has delivered less than social powerlinking. While testing continues and he is only three weeks into the course no conclusions can yet be drawn.

Saying this I still am very confident of what Jack delivers and that more value (by a large margin) can be taken from the information and tuition with both the Friday traffic report and the social powerlinking.

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Using social powerlinking as a marketing tools is a clever way to generate links and more traffic to a website. Choosing the right market is the hardest part, the competition needs to be right and the traffic per search needs to be addressed.

You can have the best plan and strategy in the world but if you have chosen the wrong market or the wrong product you may be doomed to failure. Anyone can compete in any market but if no one is looking for that specific product then no one will buy, say is that if the competition is big it will take more time to compete successfully, always think before you leap into a market even if you are using social powerlinking.

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I have over the last few weeks been looking at Jack Humphries and social powerlinking, I must say that after the influx of non preforming products and courses this is great quality and worth a look for anyone who wants to make money online, I am not usually one to promote others products but in this case it is worth its weight in gold.

He is without doubt an expert in his field and is quite willing to part with good quality information for free, this in itself is unusual as the run of free information tends to be outdated or worthless from elsewhere online, the social powerlinking site is a great way to move forward and Jack Humphries is a man to listen to when wanting to learn about what works and what does not. If you want to know more click here to find out what Jack has to say.

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