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Track Backs

I was asked the other week about trackbacks on blogs and what I thought of the software available, I have done trackbacks and they give reciprocal links to your blog from another, the important part of this is to remember that on target posts are the way forward, I mean only use these on sites/blogs that are on the same subject as your own, now as for the software desktop and online, I got out my cash bought a couple of versions to try, firstly yes the ones I tried do work one of the online ones I had quite a lot of trouble with setting it up, (it is supposed to give one way links but this seems a little dark), the software takes a little time to find on topic posts and then adds the trackback request for you and tests to see if it has been accepted, my view not sure, there are some very good things out there I would rather spend my money.


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The social network

There seems to be no abating of the social network scene, I mention this mainly because like most I have a facebook account and am constantly getting emails of people adding me as their friends my list is over 400 now, marketers like to keep together and take advantage of these thing but I do not necessarily subscribe to this although it can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Myspace and facebook have millions of subscribers and a lot of marketers see this as a market place, many 2.0 and social sites now have hundreds of thousands of visitors and if you have a interest that other members have it is a good medium to help you promote your site, this does not mean you should use it for the sake of it or abuse their terms and conditions but be smart and be considerate.



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The World Of Links

Although SMARTS has finished and I did not really learn an awful lot from it, I have spent the majority of this month testing different things rather than guru products, I did buy one that I will tell you about in the next post but I have been searching for different linking techniques from one way, recips, and three way, after test upon test and a lot of hard work to get good links takes either a lot of time and luck in some cases or money to join these three way systems, do they work, yes but for most if you stop paying you lose all your links.

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Busy Busy Busy

I have been really busy this last month but I have still been testing, the SMARTS course has now concluded but there a still a couple of videos to go through, I watched the Millionaire Yacht from Andrew Fox where he had a couple of big earners telling what they do, Jeff Walker was interesting and although I enjoyed watching them I did not really learn much and would be gutted if I had paid for them, saying that it is always a good thing to try and learn something new even if you don’t. Update soon.

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