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There is always something that is about to be launched or some product just released and although I look at most not many excite me in the slightest, saying that there is something that is about to be offered and it looks really great, I am waiting for the release date and will post once bought and tried, it is from someone I have bought products from before and have not been disapointed with the purchases I have made, it is a shame that I can say that about all the products I wasted time and money on, it ios John Reese Traffic Secrets 2.0, I have been waiting for this for a while and am looking forward to seeing what is involved with this new product. Watch closely.


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Linking and linking strategies is always a difficult process especially for newbies and now with a lot of no follow attributes it seems that the search engines like Google are trying to make it harder, one way links on target or on topic are without doubt the best, the page rank may have some bearing but a one way link on topic with no rank out weighs a handful of off topic page ranked links, reciprocalsare always contentious there are different views and testing does not give a clear answer to how much weight they carry, the question is are reciprocals any good, yes they are still links, the next thing is paid links, these are still very good for on topic referrals and if Google do not know they are paid they can not penalise the site for using them (how would they know if you paid for that link or not), however buying links can get expensive so care needs to be taken to make sure the advantages out weigh the costs, finally we look at three way links, these are where you link to a site who links to a different site who links to you, this is a good way as they show as one way links to the search engines, tracking these links can be time consuming and having to put different pieces of code in he pages to keep tracking them and making sure that the links come back needs to be done.

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Track Backs

I was asked the other week about trackbacks on blogs and what I thought of the software available, I have done trackbacks and they give reciprocal links to your blog from another, the important part of this is to remember that on target posts are the way forward, I mean only use these on sites/blogs that are on the same subject as your own, now as for the software desktop and online, I got out my cash bought a couple of versions to try, firstly yes the ones I tried do work one of the online ones I had quite a lot of trouble with setting it up, (it is supposed to give one way links but this seems a little dark), the software takes a little time to find on topic posts and then adds the trackback request for you and tests to see if it has been accepted, my view not sure, there are some very good things out there I would rather spend my money.

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The World Of Links

Although SMARTS has finished and I did not really learn an awful lot from it, I have spent the majority of this month testing different things rather than guru products, I did buy one that I will tell you about in the next post but I have been searching for different linking techniques from one way, recips, and three way, after test upon test and a lot of hard work to get good links takes either a lot of time and luck in some cases or money to join these three way systems, do they work, yes but for most if you stop paying you lose all your links.

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Social powerlinking goes on and is profitable without any doubt, the tactics that Jack has passed over to me and what I already know has been a successful combination. I must admit that I was a little wary of this to start but it has been a very good investment. The social power linking system is very good so far and has produced good solid results.

Steady Income Secrets continues to intrigue me I have already gone through a couple of discs and I am very pleased with what I have found so far. membership sites can make good money and I am eager to try this system. 

A word on SMARTS they have taken another weeks rest and are ready to resume, there has been some good content in the course but over half way through I have not really found anything that I believe is relevant to me, if your a newbie maybe but if you have knowledge on the Internet and marketing so far it has been a little disapointing. We will have to see what the next few weeks brings.

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I have now gone through the niche annihilation method book and there are some interesting things in the book, I have yet to see the 50+ videos but will report back when I have, Steady income secrets is very interesting and the thought of building membership sites is appealing to me, I know there is money to be made from these and have in the past considered them, this is a very thorough blueprint from start to finish on how to build and market them successfully, I was impressed, this is not a cheap course but if applied is well worth the money.

Smarts is covering blogs this week but not too much excitement there, my testing of social powerlinking is still strong and this at the moment is by far the best of the batch ( I say at the moment because there is a number of weeks left to run on the courses. Smarts does however offer a personal life coach as part of the course that rings once a week to help you set goals and make the best of the course, I am not yet decided on this idea yet, I always tend to hear a little voice echoing in my head ‘Percieved Value’ it wails, I have over the past week put a site to number one in google and it has stayed there the last five days, using a little of my knowledge and Jacks social powerlinking, I will end the post here for now and keep it updated as I go along, there are one or two other courses or systems I am going to try time permitting so keep looking and keep the faith.

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We are still on the right path as the month comes to a close, social powerlinking is still strong, while Smarts have taken a break, after a week of testing Article Underground looks very good and strong, the articles I have already received are good quality on random niche subjects (random ?) and the access to other blogs is welcoming to say the least, linking building and domination with Jacks social powerlinking is still giving very strong results,.

I am interested in the pre-launch of a new product from Andrew Fox it is called Affiliate X Factor and from what I gather is going to be a very good course. It has not yet launced so I can not give a review or a test of what he has to offer, because I don’t know what it is yet, I do belive however that he will teach the methods he has used to amass his fortune, and he has made a lot of money, we will see what happens but it may be worth a good look.

I also have a couple of other things I am looking at but will reveal them and my thoughts when I have checked them out.

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