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We are still on the right path as the month comes to a close, social powerlinking is still strong, while Smarts have taken a break, after a week of testing Article Underground looks very good and strong, the articles I have already received are good quality on random niche subjects (random ?) and the access to other blogs is welcoming to say the least, linking building and domination with Jacks social powerlinking is still giving very strong results,.

I am interested in the pre-launch of a new product from Andrew Fox it is called Affiliate X Factor and from what I gather is going to be a very good course. It has not yet launced so I can not give a review or a test of what he has to offer, because I don’t know what it is yet, I do belive however that he will teach the methods he has used to amass his fortune, and he has made a lot of money, we will see what happens but it may be worth a good look.

I also have a couple of other things I am looking at but will reveal them and my thoughts when I have checked them out.


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